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The Marathon Family

Trust. That is what chefs at home and in commercial kitchens alike have come to develop for our brands. It is a trust we take to heart. So whether it is in cooking oil or in condiments, each of our products is crafted with care and the finest ingredients.

Heavenly Chef HEAVENLY CHEFHeavenly Chef is recognized in the marketplace for its uncompromising quality. The brand's wide range of Chili Sauces, Cooking Wines, Food Coloring, Vinegar, and Edible Oils, is unrivaled in taste and performance, small wonder that each leads in its product class.
Acclaim ACCLAIMAcclaim has been delivering exceptional value and high quality to chefs for over 25 years. Acclaim oils are ideal in salads and excellent for pan-frying and sautéing applications. They are light, delicate and crystal clear. All are 100% vegetable oil, contain 0g trans fat per serving and are cholesterol free.
Sapporo SAPPOROInspired by this northern Japanese city of snowscapes and elegant cuisine, Sapporo Sesame Flavored Seasoning Oil captures just that very essence.
Szechaun Maid SZECHUAN MAIDBirthplace of both the panda and rich spicy foods, Szechuan is the culinary icon that Szechuan Maid Red Chili Sauce emulates, a sauce so rich with tasty garlic overtones that each dollop delivers equal measures of spice and tradition to any Chinese dish.